Where to begin with this one… truly words are so hard to explain all that this couple is and what they’ve been through. I’ll attempt to fumble my way through doing Brittany and Vin’s story any justice…

Brittany and Vin

Brittany – seriously, this woman is a powerhouse of strength and kindness, always putting others before herself.

And then there’s Vin – a quiet charmer who won Brittany’s heart with a guitar, a cajon, and a first date where he forgot his wallet. But hey, it worked – he still got the girl!

Brittany, Vin, and their crew are a squad that loves spending time together. With a big-hearted family, they cook up a storm, sip on wine, groove to music, and enjoy the great outdoors – usually with their four-legged pals in tow.

The Proposal

Vin planned a camping trip with some of Brittany’s family. They loaded up on a boat and headed out for a beautiful day on the lake. It was about midday when Brittany turned around and saw Vin holding their son Kingston and a ring. He said ” I asked Kingston if it would be ok to marry you and take care of you both for the rest of your lives and they spent the rest of the day celebrating!

Their Vision

For their wedding, Brittany and Vin wanted to be surrounded by everyone they hold dear. They aimed for a celebration that echoed their love story, their families, and their cultures. With Puerto Rican and Filipino roots, the day was a vibrant mix of traditions, all wrapped up in the cozy embrace of a Milwaukee Private Residence.

“We want to be surrounded by all of the people in our lives who we love and have grown with our family. We want to celebrate our story and joining of our families and culture. I want everyone to leave feeling filled with joy, full bellies, and sore feet from dancing!! Lots of smiles, laughs, and hopefully big hugs!”

About 2-3 months before their wedding day, I got a call from Brittany and we were talking through the vision they had originally wanted, and she realized that her current wedding plans weren’t really reflecting the wedding day she wanted. So with some courage (and us as her advocates), we decided to move the wedding to Milwaukee at her Uncle Pedro’s house!

We felt a little crazy re-planning a wedding with such notice but being the well-connected lady Brittany was, it honestly ended up even better than we could have imagined!

The Wedding

Now, let’s fast-forward to their wedding day – a day that wasn’t just about saying “I do,” but a day that was a journey in itself. These two lovebirds faced challenges head-on, from hospital visits for their son to changing venues just two months before the big day. But you know what? They made it. They were MARRIED. Period. End of the story.

Blending their Puerto Rican and Filipino cultures, they of course celebrated with family, music, and the most INCREDIBLE food from @twistedradishcatering who put together the grazing table of everyone’s dreams (with soft pretzels omggg!!) and a literal roasted pig (I did warn you!).

Side note: *Bless you Uncle Pedro. For letting us use your house and your ferns.*

Brittany and Vin, you two are beyond special, and your journey to this day is nothing short of magical. Your story teaches us that a wedding is more than just an event – it’s about becoming part of someone’s lives and honestly, feeling like family.

Wedding planning is so much more than planning a wedding. It’s entering into people’s stories and literally making a WHOLE DREAM real life.

I can’t help but feel emotional reminiscing about their day. Seeing Brittany and Vin surrounded by love, dancing the night away, and savoring the most incredible food – it was a dream come true.

Venue: Private Residence
Catering: @twistedradish
Photography: @arevalo.co_
Rentals: @velvet_rentals