We believe a memorable, stress-free wedding day provides a solid foundation for lasting marriages. That's why our team takes care to honor YOUR story. By taking tedious planning tasks off your plate, providing relief from the chaos, and honoring your unique personalities, you can be fully present to enjoy your special day.

We are no strangers to the ebb and flow of emotions that come with weddings. Sure, we handle the design and organizational side of planning, but we also provide guidance and a listening ear to remind you of why you're getting married in the first place!

Not only do we help you have a beautiful event, we help you usher in a new chapter full of new adventures with the one you love. We’re here to help you navigate everything from planning, to logistics, to communication. No matter your vision, we will support you every step of the way, ensuring that your day aligns with YOUR wishes, not anyone else’s.

meet your PLANNERS

As the original head, heart, and hands behind OBEC, I’ve planned events of all shapes and sizes. Hands-down, weddings are my favorite. Not because of intricate planning and meaningful details (but make no mistake, my strong suit is definitely organization and logistics!), but because of people like you. Nothing is more life-giving to me than people gathering together. My husband says it’s my servant’s heart, and he's right! I love weddings because I love people. Weddings are also a lot of dang fun and my job is to help you do it well and do it right.

My favorite part of a wedding day is when everything that has been planned, designed, and coordinated comes to life. The food, the flowers, and the combined efforts of everyone involved from friends to family to vendors is truly magical and so satisfying to watch unfold!

When I’m not elbows-deep in planning, you’ll find me spending time with my husband, chasing my toddler, hitting up the local boba place, or raving about my most recent thrift store find!

My son would say I am the best mama out there, always making him giggle. He is my everything! My dog would say I give good belly scratches and spoil her, though not as much as I did pre-baby (she resents me a little for that).

When you work with me, you’ll feel supported. You can think of me as a close friend. A friend who provides unconditional support and a listening ear. But also, an experienced professional who will guide you and keep you focused on the task at hand, without ever losing sight of your vision. After all, we’ve got a wedding to plan! 

xo Deanna 

I'm deanna

Founder + lead planner



Lead Planner - Milwaukee


Lead Planner

Natalie V.

Lead Planner + Designer


we're your people

Our powerhouse crew is thoughtful, attentive and genuine and we all deeply care about you and your wedding day as if it was our own. With a combined 15+ years of experience in the event industry, you are in more than capable hands. Although we take what we do very seriously, we never take ourselves too seriously.

We are often told that we're "the perfect balance of professional and personable" and are often praised for our quality of work and service which, of course, makes our words of affirmation hearts very happy.
And yes, we will 100% be friends after this. We'll be your much needed calm, but warm, presence on your special day!

Natalie p.



event assistant


Event assistant

Molly H.

Event assistant


barketing manager

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