After already going through two different wedding plans that just didn’t quite fit, they weren’t sure if they could muster the energy for wedding round three, so Lauren and Trey enlisted our team for full planning and design to help them celebrate with their loved ones.

As joyful as weddings are, the planning process itself is quite daunting and definitely can get exhausting if you have to restart, pivot, restart, pivot x 100. We are so happy to share that Lauren and Trey celebrated in the heart of Milwaukee at Saint James 1868!

How They Met

Lauren and Trey’s love story began in a charmingly unexpected way – at a Bible study through their church. Fate brought them together in the same discussion group, igniting a connection that would change their lives forever. Trey, with his endearing reserved nature, mustered the courage to ask Lauren on a coffee date! Good job Trey!

The Proposal

Now, let’s fast forward to the heart-fluttering proposal. Picture this: a gorgeous evening, a romantic stroll through the enchanting Olbrich Botanical Garden in Madison, Wisconsin where a very Trey, popped the question. Spoiler alert – Lauren said yes!

The Venue – Saint James 1868 – The Hyde

The whole world halted with the pandemic, and changed everyone’s lives, so Lauren and Trey decided to not wait any longer and instead got married on their front porch at their house! LOVE! Where we came in was a more formal wedding celebration after a year (or two) or postponing. However, we found that a lot of venues were booked and we were looking for something that was both elevated and sophisticated without being too stuffy.

Enter our hero, Saint James 1868, the venue that would set the scene for Lauren and Trey’s dreamy celebration. Nestled in Milwaukee, this architectural marvel stole their hearts, and ours too.

Their venue provided the perfect canvas for Lauren and Trey’s love story to come to life. From the charming Hyde venue to the intricate details that adorned every corner, Saint James 1868 effortlessly elevated their celebration.

The Vision

Lauren and Trey’s hearts were set on a cozy, stress-free day that radiated love. They envisioned a cocktails-in-the-garden vibe, complete with twinkle lights and candles, the perfect recipe for a magical evening reception.

With high-top tables on the outdoor patio, a love jazz trio, friends dancing the night away, it really was such a lovely evening! After many obstacles, their love and celebration proved that some things are definitely worth the wait!

When they sought out a wedding planner, they were searching for more than just organization – they needed someone who could truly understand their desires and dreams. And boy, were we up for the challenge! With a perfect blend of enthusiasm, attention to detail, and a knack for getting things done, it was the perfect combination and we were SO grateful we got to work with Lauren and Trey.

When we asked Lauren what stood out about working with us, her response warmed our hearts. She mentioned our unwavering encouragement, attention to detail, and the seamless execution of their big day. But most importantly, she expressed how we helped her rediscover the excitement and joy of planning, making round three an unforgettable experience!

Lauren and Trey’s love story is a testament to the power of resilience, love, and finding the perfect team to bring dreams to life. It was an absolute honor to be part of their journey. Cheers to the Royal couple, Lauren and Trey! πŸ₯‚πŸŒŸ

Vendor Team

Full Planning & Design: Olive Branch Event Co.

Venue: Saint James 1868 (The Hyde)

Photography: McNiel Photography

Hair & Makeup: The Bridal Beauty Team

Catering: Noble Catering

Dessert: Mia Stav Cakes

DJ/Entertainment: Jukebox Bandstand

Stationery: Hall Creative Co.

Floral: Feisty Flowers

Audio Guestbook: After The Tone

Late Night Snack: Ians’ Pizza