A few months ago, my photographer friend Janae from Westrum Photographs asked if I wanted some more photos for my business. Anyone who knows me knows I am a major dork and that I feel so awkward getting my photo taken. Thankfully, Janae is good at what she does and managed to make me look […]

Olive Branch Events Co. Apron

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I’m a planner – of course I set goals for the new year! But I’ll tell you something, this year I decided not to be nearly as intense about my goals. I almost didn’t even choose a “word of the year” like I have in the past, but while I was driving in the car, […]

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The olive branch is a classic symbol with deep-rooted significance. It represents peace, enduring love, and the beginning of a new life.   Olive branches have been used in weddings for centuries! The olive tree is strong, able to weather any storm that comes its way. It’s the perfect example of what a solid marriage […]


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