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  Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) are an absolute business must-have! I truly can’t tell you how I could manage anything that entrepreneurship threw my way without my CRM, Dubsado! I found out about Dubsado through another wedding planner and after looking at other options out there, decided Dubsado was the best for me! Of course, […]

WHAT A YEAR! Being in an industry that I always thought was EVERYTHING-proof, it has been a humbling, frustrating, messy, wonderful, and delightful year, all wrapped up in one. To start, one of my favorite things about this year is that I had so much beautiful and amazing time with my baby boy (Cue all […]

I often get asked how I do it all, and the answer is, well…I get by with a little help from my friends. Or a few marketing systems, to be exact. From the beginning of starting this business, it was crucial for me to have workflows, systems, and automation in place. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! Because […]

Top 5 Business Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners & Wedding Professionals
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We’re growing! Anyone who has ever planned an event knows that the days are long and there are so many details and logistics to manage! When I started the booking process for 2020 (before the  COVID-19 chaos), I already was getting more inquiries for weekends than I was available. I found a solution and am […]

A few months ago, my photographer friend Janae from Westrum Photographs asked if I wanted some more photos for my business. Anyone who knows me knows I am a major dork and that I feel so awkward getting my photo taken. Thankfully, Janae is good at what she does and managed to make me look […]

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I’m a planner – of course I set goals for the new year! But I’ll tell you something, this year I decided not to be nearly as intense about my goals. I almost didn’t even choose a “word of the year” like I have in the past, but while I was driving in the car, […]



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