Let’s have a heart-to-heart. You're tired of feeling behind in your business and are always wondering, “How in the heck is everyone else doing this?!”

Imagine a future where you confidently navigate every aspect of wedding planning, effortlessly creating unforgettable experiences for your clients AND being present for your loved ones. No more overwhelm, no more doubt, no more imposter syndrome.

Our comprehensive resources and guidance will empower you to excel professionally and personally. Streamline your business, delegate effectively, and set boundaries for your well-being. After all, you've got so many other things to do than work nonstop, including being a great wedding planner, raising a family, being a friend, and going to bed at a reasonable hour!

Are you ready to run your business, instead of letting your business run you?

Feel empowered and confident to pursue your dream as a sought-after wedding planner without sacrificing your time, energy, or your client experience

Services: AUTOMATION + Systems

Dubsado CRM Setup + Implementation


No time to set up and learn a whole new system, but want to offer an amazing, high-touch client experience? We gotchu. With five plus years of experience, I'm your systems obsessed planner friend who can teach you everything you want to know about Dubsado. You'll learn how to set up your workflows and how to maintain your processes as your business evolves so you can use it to be the most best planner in your market, offering a seamless and extraordinary client experience without the overwhelm of trying to keep up with it all.

Please note: We work off of Google Suite tools

INCLUDES all of our resources in the OBEC shop + Implementation: 
  • Forms/Questionnaires
  • Canned Emails
  • Workflows (includes 1 Workflow Mapping Session via video call)
  • Workflow demos and training videos throughout
  • Scheduler setup (Google Calendar)
  • Contracts
  • Proposals
  • Payment plans
  • Client portal
  • Unlimited email support within 30 days of implementation

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Wedding planning Mentorship

1:1 mentorship


Our 90-minute mentorship call is your golden opportunity to "pick my brain" and gain invaluable insights and strategies tailored to your specific needs.

The coaching call is your time to shine and explore any wedding-related business topics that come to mind. No question is too big or small - I'm here to provide expert guidance and support.

To maximize the value of our session, you'll be required to complete some homework beforehand. This ensures that our time together is focused, productive, and tailored to your unique business goals. After our call, you'll receive a detailed action plan, outlining the steps you need to take to reach your goals and propel your business forward. Consider this your shortcut to where you want to go!

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Purposeful processes Dubsado course for wedding planners

This course will eliminate the steep learning curve of Dubsado and will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to efficiently set up and optimize your wedding workflows. You'll save time, avoid frustration, and gain the confidence to streamline your processes for a more organized wedding planning business.



Deanna. I cannot thank you enough for creating the wedding planner resource program. 🙌 Honestly. So much has changed since I dove deep into the program! It helped me look at things in a new way, got my butt WAYYYY more organized, and I feel like I’m starting to have my business work for me, not the other way around. I’ve become more appealing to clients and they’ve genuinely been wow-ed. I am all-around so thankful. So THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RESOURCES! 👏


Timeline Genius


Tools + resources

My Client Relationship Manager aka my business lifeline that houses all my contracts, templates, inquiries, workflows, etc. I personally like Dubsado over other CRMs because of the customization and how easy it is to stay on-brand.

We have our extremely detailed Google Doc version available in the Shop, but we're not going to lie, switching to TG has been an absolute game-changer for us and vendors. Also, they have the best customer service team ever.

20% off your first month or year




The best website platform to exist. If you're like me and want gorgeous design with full customization control, this is for you. Blogs are hosted through Showit (Wordpress) and there are a ton of stunning website templates to choose from (like the one I'm using!)

The prettiest and easiest email marketing platform that exists! We love Flodesk and are happy to say we actually send out emails every now and then thanks to Flodesk, haha!


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Don't know Photoshop? No worries. We design graphics, marketing materials, and moodboards using Canva! Best thing? It's free. You can upgrade to Pro for premium features.

I'm a pen and paper planner kind of girl, but now that I have a team, it's way easier to delegate tasks using ClickUp. ClickUp lets you embed spreadsheets and is the "one app to replace them all" (at least we can try to reduce the tabs on our browsers from 10 to 5).

check it out

get organized

5 Biz Numbers You Need To Know


Gone are the days of manually entering all your transactions and crying into the $$$ abyss. QB makes it easy to categorize your expenses, receipts, and mileage. Because tax time is already hard enough y'all!

The fact that all of this is available for such an affordable price blows my mind. I'm not the most numbers-savvy, but your finances and business are thanking you now. Take the time to set up your business for success, pay yourself a real salary, and scale big time by getting your finances in order.

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I use Planoly to map out my Instagram feed and content. You can start off with the free plan if you want to test it out!

I mainly use Tailwind for Pinterest but they recently expanded to also include IG and FB. Basically, you can batch schedule all your pins in way less time and increase your growth significantly with Tailwind! Thank goodness for this powerful tool.

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