Planning a wedding is so time-consuming. From emailing vendors, to attending tastings and venue tours, to mapping out seating arrangements, how in the world do you get it all done? And on top of that, work a full-time job, take care of the dogs, and also be attentive to your fiancé while working to build a lasting marriage? Because that’s really what it’s all about, right?

We plan heartfelt weddings for down-to-earth Midwest couples


Believe us, we've been there
and we're here to help.

Our job is to provide you with peace of mind and a stress-free event experience.
We understand and identify with the struggles you may be facing in planning and want to breathe some fresh air into the planning process. With compassion and thoughtfulness, we take that giant weight off your shoulders so you can
focus on what's most important - getting married!

I'm Deanna, the head, heart and hands behind Olive Branch Events Co. My heart is especially happy when I have flowers in my hands and when I get to spend quality time with my favorite people (and my scruffy pup). 

I strive to add value to everyone I meet and everything I touch and I'm so excited to work with you to dream, plan and turn your vision into reality!




If you're looking for love stories, inspiration, marriage encouragement and planning advice, you're in the right place!



As a wedding planner myself, entrusting another person to assist the day of my wedding was a major decision...Deanna exceeded my expectations and I received several compliments from family and friends of how nice she was! Thanks Deanna for being such a good listener and for executing our event so seamlessly!

She was thoughtful in her planning and was 100% committed to my day while also in the midst of the busyness that is wedding season. 


 Her suggestions and encouragements made me feel cared for and understood. Our wedding day was perfect- in no small part due to the work Deanna and her team put in! My family and all of our guests couldn't stop commenting about how organized everything was and how prepared Deanna was. I couldn't recommend her enough!! 

Deanna was so much more than an event planner-she was a friend during the whole process. I truly felt like she was on my team as a guide and confidant.


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and she was always looking to find discounts and cheaper ways to make my dreams come true so we could work within my budget. My wedding was quick and small and the budget was tight, but she made it perfect. I would absolutely recommend her!

Deanna was incredible. She had great communication, she made the entire experience totally stress-free


My wife and I had a 3 month engagement period while we were on opposite sides of the world, me in China, her in the States. Deanna was so supportive and encouraging through the whole planning process. During the day we got to ENJOY our time with family and friends and savor every moment of the day because we knew that our wedding was in great hands. Thank you!

We felt so loved by her presence and my wife and I didn't have to worry about a thing because she was already one step ahead.

Marco + Bri

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The olive branch is a classic symbol with deep-rooted significance. 
It represents peace, enduring love, and the beginning of a new life.