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Stunning Winter Wedding Celebration with Citrus | The Tinsmith Wedding Inspiration

January 27, 2023

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Winter weddings in the Midwest can be stunningly beautiful, and Wisconsin winter weddings are no exception! With vibrant citrus and lush greenery details, Elena and Jake’s wedding stands out from the rest, as expected, considering the fact that they are actually the coolest (no pun intended!)

Elena is a talented wedding photographer and we were so blessed to get to work with her on a wedding earlier when she was a second shooter for one of our other couples’ weddings earlier that summer. She loved the experience working with us so much, she decided to hire us for their long-awaited wedding!

About Elena and Jake

Elena and Jake are basically that power couple you love rooting on, while simultaneously wondering how in the world they do it all. Because, actually, they do it all! Together they own and operate so many small businesses (bakery and coffee shop, food truck, a movie theater, photography business and I’m sure more to come). And they’re not even 25. So impressive.

They had a small ceremony in 2020 (no need to explain that year) and then got to celebrate with their family and friends in December 2021 with their loved ones! You’ll see in the photos just how fun E + J are.

The Decor

Citrus is a great way to add a pop of color to a winter wedding. Oranges, lemons, and limes are all perfect for adding a bright, cheerful look to the event. Consider adding slices of citrus into the centerpieces or as name cards like they did to draw the eye and add a touch of brightness to the winter.

Greenery is also a great addition to winter weddings. Add lush greens to the bouquet and centerpieces for a festive look. Consider adding evergreen branches to the bouquet and centerpieces to add a touch of winter beauty to the event. You can also incorporate garland into the d├ęcor. Drape it around the venue for a festive feel, or hang it along the walls for a cozy look.


Winter weddings in Wisconsin can be beautiful and unforgettable with the right details. Incorporating citrus and greenery details into the wedding is a great way to add color and cheer to the event. With these tips, you can create a stunning winter wedding in Wisconsin that your guests will love.

Elena and Jake are an absolute blast, and we wanted to point out their ICONIC CHEESE AISLE PHOTO. CHEERS to this beautiful wedding celebration!! You’re gonna love it.

Tinsmith wedding lounge in Madison, WI
Wedding dress at the Tinsmith
Winter wedding bouquet

Vendor Team

Venue: The Tinsmith

Planning and Design: Olive Branch Events Co.

Catering: The Black Sheep

Baked Goods: Sweet Spot

Photography: Cassie Rosch Photography

Florals: Willow Designs

Hair and Makeup: Lovely Elegance Hair and Makeup

DJ: Milwaukee Airwaves

Late Night Snack: Whitewater Cinemas