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Olive Branch Events Co. 2018 in Review


I’m a planner – of course I set goals for the new year! But I’ll tell you something, this year I decided not to be nearly as intense about my goals. I almost didn’t even choose a “word of the year” like I have in the past, but while I was driving in the car, there was one word I couldn’t stop thinking about.


I want 2019 to be a year of PEACE.

Here’s the thing about peace though, it’s about letting go of control. That’s a tough one for me. While reflecting on my goals for 2018, my priorities haven’t really changed. Each and every one of my goals is relationship-based. Faith. Family. Friendship. Home/Hospitality. For years, I’ve craved slower living and rest but my lack of peace, my discontentment and my desire to take the wheel sure makes things complicated. So here’s to a 2019 with letting go and being okay with the outcome.


What I’m Focusing On In 2019

  • Family: Raising a teenager is not easy, and our family situation is always unknown due to the nature of the cycle of guardianship (which is similar to fostering). I am learning a lot about keeping my hands and heart open to the roller coaster of parenthood.
  • Hospitality: I want a peaceful home that is used to bless others and considered a safe haven for many. Hospitality is a big deal for my husband and I, and we’ve been able to use our house in such fun and unique ways! I look forward to inviting people in and not keeping them out in 2019, as well as growing in compassion and understanding.
  • Heart: Peace to rule in my heart so that I will not be anxious, no matter my circumstances.
  • Marriage: Putting each other first is hard to do when pulled in so many directions, but I always want to be Nic’s #1 fan, supporter, encourager and best friend!
  • Faith: It feels so against my nature to trust and strive to let Him take the lead, and for me to learn to be a humble follower. Instead of letting my fear take over, I am choosing faith.
  • Business: I want peace with what happens in my business, whether I meet my business goals or not. I don’t want to end up striving and chasing perfection and losing myself along the way, or compromising what I care about to “get ahead”.  I’m super excited to develop my “extend” services, where I will be able to extend an olive branch (a phrase that literally means bringing peace!) through giving my services/time/money to serve non-profits. There will be much more to come on this.


Highlights: A Year In Review

January – May: You didn’t necessarily know it, but I started chipping away at this business forever ago (like over a year and a half ago) and this time frame was super important in establishing the basics of my business. I definitely needed a little push to get there. I had an accountability partner, another fellow business owner who encouraged me to set a launch date. Also in this time frame, I started looking for a new job where I could solely do events full-time and thankfully accepted and started my new job at UW-Madison in May. I also celebrated THREE years of marriage! Woohoo!

June – August: Nic and I had a great summer. Summers are always somewhat of a “break” for us. As many of you know, we have a teenage son through guardianship, but he goes home briefly in the summers. This is our “respite” where we feel young and free again, but never too long, because we always gotta prep to be parents again. 😉 I also started planning for my first wedding ever as a business owner!

September – October: Planned, coordinated and executed a wedding in a super short time frame, learned a ton and got my butt in gear to get this baby launched! I LAUNCHED my business on October 20! We are also deeply involved in our church and launched a new church in September! So many launches!

November-December: Booked my first few clients for 2019, spent so much quality time with family and had a super long break between Christmas and New Years. I’ve never eaten so well or gotten so much sleep and rest in my life!

Celebrating 2018

What I Learned: This year has been quite the whirlwind! A new job, officially launching our church, launching this business, learning how to parent through the wonderful years of adolescence, still working to have an intentional marriage – it’s a lot! God has shown me his undying patience and his kindness to me in all the hard (but still good) things.

The same things that hold me back daily still can have a stronghold over my life: lies, insecurity, comparison, lack of trust, desire to control, etc. I’m still learning and wrestling with all of my flaws and failures. I am so thankful for God’s presence although I don’t always see or feel Him. I hope and pray that 2019 will be a nice reset where I learn more about Him and how to have PEACE in all things. I am so thankful that He is the Prince of Peace.


A Final Announcement

I still have room for 2019, but not much more!

Quality over quantity, always. It’s not like I have a ton of clients lining out the door (understandably so as I’ve only been doing this thing for 3 months), but I do only have 2-3 more spots left for 2019. If you know of anyone looking for a wedding or event planner and you think we’d be a good fit, now’s the time! 🙂 I do more than just weddings, as well!

Thank you for joining along in the journey. Wishing you all the best for 2019!


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