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January 12, 2024 by Julia Weaver

Aerial View of Minneapolis and the Mississippi river in summer

Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River, Minneapolis, MN is a city that captivates both the hearts of its residents and the imaginations of newcomers with its stunning locales. In addition to the many reasons people choose to move to Minneapolis, there lies a tapestry of beautiful places that locals hold dear, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and vibrant community spirit. 

From the serene shores of the Chain of Lakes to the artistic allure of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, the city is a treasure trove of enchanting spots waiting to be explored. Whether you’re in the market to buy a home in Minneapolis, MN, or are looking to rent an apartment in the city, there is no shortage of beautiful places to discover. Join us on a journey as locals unveil the most beautiful places in Minneapolis, from iconic landmarks to its hidden gardens, all making this city a truly remarkable destination to call home.

1. Bde Maka Ska

“One of my absolute favorite spots in Minneapolis is Bde Maka Ska, but more specially, Thomas Beach,” says Liz Rae and Co., wedding and vow renewal officiants. “The bustling beachfront with the Minneapolis skyline as a backdrop is a true reminder of all that makes Minneapolis a unique place to live. If you take a walk or run around this lake, I highly recommend stopping here at sunset.”

2. Paikka

Josephine Stafford, owner and lead planner of Sixpence Events, offering event management, partial wedding planning, and event design services, praises a recent project at Paikka. “Paikka is one of my favorite wedding venues in the Twin Cities, a perfect marriage of sustainability and industrial chic. Between the building’s interior and exterior, and the design choices owners Marlo and Angie have opted for, guests love the intimate vibe and couples shine in this beautiful environment. It’s always a nice bonus to grab a coffee in the morning at SK Coffee and a crowler to go at Lake Monster, just two of Paikka’s building neighbors.”

3. Historic St. Anthony neighborhood

“A must-visit area of Minneapolis is the historic St. Anthony neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis just steps from the Mississippi River,” says Sheridan Wagner, sales manager at Machine Shop, a historic, unique, and bright private event venue. “It has many quaint and delicious restaurants along the beautiful historic brick street and the views of the Minneapolis downtown skyline are unmatched.” 

4. Maison Margaux

Maison Margaux is one of my new favorite restaurants in Minneapolis and is beautiful both because of the location as well as the décor,” states wedding planner Jenna Culley, CEO and Creative Director at Jenna Culley Events and Linen Effects. “Located in the charming North Loop area, Maison Margaux brings a touch of Paris from the moment you arrive with bistro tables lining the street. Once you enter, each floor and room have a different theme that makes you feel like you are stepping into a different part of Paris. On top of its beauty, the food is authentic and delicious.”

5. The Hollywood Theater

“Our favorite beautiful place in the city is the Hollywood Theater,” states event planner Kastina Morrison of Kastina & Co. “We recently came on board with the owner, Andrew Volna, of the fully renovated historic Hollywood Theater, and helping this historic theater come back to life has been an honor. We’ve gotten to know the history of the theater while learning so much more about the art deco era. Additionally, while giving tours of the space, we realized how loved this old theater has been to the community, and so many are so grateful that Andrew Volna stepped up and saved it. It was empty for 30+ years.”

6. Chain of Lakes

“A place we love and treasure in Minneapolis is the Chain of Lakes,” shares Yasmin Yassin (IG: instagram.com/yazziz), a visual-digital artist and researcher based out of Minneapolis. “I look forward to walking and biking through this area. It’s so beautiful and you can see the downtown skyline from around Bde Mka Ska or grab a quick snack and watch a performance at the Lake Harriet Bandshell.”

The Chain of Lakes offers a space where you can enjoy your time in every season. “In the summer it’s an especially lively and fun place to be since everyone is outside hanging around the lakes,” says Yassin. “In the winter, it’s a stunning view seeing figure skaters gliding all over the frozen water and weaving around the islands at Lake of the Isles. And the sunsets at Cedar Lake are always worth it any time of the year.”

7. The Lynhall 

“One of my favorite places to eat that also doubles up as a unique and intimate event space is The Lynhall,” explains Deanna Wheeler, owner and lead Planner at Olive Branch Events Co., offering wedding planning and design services. “They have two locations in the Twin Cities area and they’re known for their excellent service and food that actually lives up to the hype. Who doesn’t love afternoon tea (Edina location) and their award-winning pastry chef? There’s truly something for everyone at The Lynhall, whether you’re enjoying a night out or celebrating the most special of occasions.” 

8. Lake Nokomis

“My favorite spot in Minneapolis is Lake Nokomis,” says local Minneapolis photographer Augustus Isaac, who specializes in candid and fine art photography. “Anytime of the year, this area is beautiful to walk the trails, to fish the waters or in the warmer months have a nice quiet picnic. This is my favorite spot to unwind.”

9. Alma: Cafe, Hotel and Restaurant

Alma offers bucket-list-worthy experiences right at your doorstep. Located in the historic Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, the space features a boutique 7-room hotel ideal for staycations, artisanal pastries, local coffee, and signature daytime offerings at Cafe Alma, along with a seasonal tasting menu at the restaurant for those special occasions.

10. Manny’s Steakhouse

“Our favorite place to hang out has to be Manny’s Steakhouse,” shares Martha’s Garden, a boutique floral studio offering the finest in thoughtfully sophisticated designs and artfully curated gift items. “The ambiance exudes sophistication with a dining area that is appropriately dim for a classy, upscale atmosphere, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. This spot is always great and the food is delicious. We treat ourselves to lobster cakes and truffled french fries every time.”

11. Stone Arch Bridge

“My favorite beautiful place in Minneapolis is the Stone Arch Bridge,” shares Philip Dorwart, Owner and Chef at Create Catering & The Dining Studio. “The bridge spans the mighty Mississippi River virtually over St Anthony Falls and connects downtown Minneapolis to the Marcy-Homes/Northeast Minneapolis areas. Standing on the bridge at sunset, listening to the roar of the falls below with the sunlight melting on the glass skyline of downtown can be truly magical.”

Beautiful places in Minneapolis, MN: Final thoughts

Minneapolis, MN is a city that truly embodies beauty in every aspect. Whether you’re captivated by Lake Nokomis, enchanted by Maison Margaux, or inspired by the architectural wonders of the historic St. Anthony neighborhood, this just scratches the surface. One thing is for certain – the beauty and the people certainly make Minneapolis a good place to live.