When we met Jessica and John, it was an instant connection. We knew they were *THE* couple for us and once we got to talking more, we just HAD TO plan their downtown Madison wedding at Ellsworth Block on Capitol Square. ​​​​​​​​​

The Perfect Match:

Their energy, enthusiasm, and love for each other were palpable from the start. Jessica and John’s love story began at UW-Madison, where they both worked for the Summer Orientation program. They hit it off and their relationship blossomed into something truly extraordinary. Their bond grew stronger with each passing year, and shared vows as best friends and soulmates on a lovely Spring day.

A Proposal to Remember:

When the time came to pop the question, John had the most romantic surprise in store for Jessica. Knowing her love for intimate moments, he planned a sweet proposal right in the comfort of their own apartment.

But little did she know that there were more surprises waiting for her! John had secretly arranged for their best friends to fly out to D.C., turning the proposal into a heartwarming celebration with their loved ones. The weekend was filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished memories.

Designing the Perfect Day:

As event planners, Olive Branch Events Co. was dedicated to bringing Jessica and John’s vision to life. They wanted their wedding to be intimate, fun, and memorable. Jessica envisioned a celebration that combined John’s more traditional expectations with her unique take on weddings. They aimed to create a day that was both classic and whimsical, with a touch of their personal flair.

The Venue – Ellsworth Block:

Located in downtown Madison, Ellsworth Block is a charming venue provided the ideal backdrop for Jessica and John’s special day. With its elegant atmosphere and historical charm, Ellsworth Block suited their vision to a T. In fact, we remember in our first call talking about how fun it is that they chose a venue that basically looked like their modern apartment with the brick walls and gorgeous industrial detailing.

Decor and Style:

The couple’s design inspiration leaned towards minimalism, delicacy, and timeless elegance. Long banquet tables adorned with white tablecloths created an intimate ambiance, while small vases filled with delicate pink and white flowers added a touch of romance.

Candles flickered softly, casting a warm glow over the festivities. Various shades of pink, inspired by the spring season, brought a subtle yet captivating accent to the decor.

A Unique Timeline:

To honor John’s love for tradition, they chose to have a church ceremony. However, they decided to forgo the traditional wedding party, opting instead for their immediate family members to walk down the aisle.

Jessica and John wanted to incorporate elements of John’s Ugandan heritage into their wedding. By infusing some Ugandan traditions, they added a unique touch to their special day, symbolizing the harmony of their diverse backgrounds.

After the ceremony, the couple planned a dedicated photo session with their loved ones, while their friends enjoyed a joyful and relaxed happy hour. The reception followed with a mix of traditional dinner, heartfelt speeches, and a night of dancing – a true celebration of love and togetherness.

Creating Unforgettable Moments:

Good food, delightful beverages, and a talented photographer were among Jessica and John’s must-haves for their wedding day. They valued capturing precious memories as well as cherishing the company of their loved ones. The guests were carefully selected, ensuring a small, intimate gathering of their closest friends and family members. They aimed for a stress-free and joyous celebration where everyone could truly immerse themselves in the moment.

Our Role:

Jessica and John chose to hire us as their wedding planner to ensure a smooth and organized wedding day. While considering their budget, they opted for our wedding management package. Their main priority was to have someone dedicated to supporting them on the day itself, taking charge of coordinating various vendors and ensuring a stress-free experience for them and their guests.

Jessica and John’s wedding at Ellsworth Block in downtown Madison, Capitol Venues was a beautiful celebration of love, togetherness, and personal style. From the heartfelt proposal to the carefully curated details, their wedding day was such a lovely breath of fresh air! We are SO grateful we got to work with Jessica and John, one of our most joyful couples we’ve ever worked with!

Vendor Team:

Planning: Olive Branch Events Co.
Photography: Alexis Ryan Photo
Ceremony Venue: Grace Episcopal Church
Reception Venue: Ellsworth Block
Florals: Lily Forest Designs
Catering: Blue Plate Catering
DJ: Sound By Design
Late Night Snack: Ian’s Pizza
Dessert: Pipette Bakery
Rentals: Event Essentials