Escort Signage Displays: Simplified

November 15, 2023

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Planning to create an aesthetic escort display for your wedding? Allow our in-house expert, Natalie (our go-to person for seating charts and escort walls because she’s meticulous and so so so good at life), to guide you through the process. Whether you’re embarking on a DIY project or renting from a vendor, there is, in fact, an art to seating chart displays!

Natalie doing her thing!!! 🙂 Photography: Anda Marie | Signage: Cedar + Spice

Trending Unique Seating Displays

Today’s weddings are moving beyond the traditional to incorporate unique seating displays that reflect a couple’s personality. Although fun and a conversation starter, these displays require a keen eye and some math. Grab that tape measure – we’re diving in!

Photography: Savannah Steiger Photography | Signage: Cedar + Spice

The Basics

Regardless of your chosen style, ensure your name cards are alphabetized. It makes the process smoother and saves time down the line (and if you hum the ABC’s while doing it, we’re not judging!).

Wall Display – Grid Style

These displays are currently trending, and for a good reason. They offer personalization and leave a lasting impression if your venue can accommodate the size.

Execution Ideas: Consider envelopes with special notes, mirrors, or love story-related phrases (like “The Race of a Lifetime” – something we did for our couple who runs marathons and Ironmans – no biggie).

Photography: Ali Lockery Photography | Signage: Cedar + Spice

Materials Needed:

  • Tape measure
  • Glue dots
  • Stationery cards
  • A big wall or signage structure of some sort

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Measure how wide you want the cards to span so that they are centered on the wall or under any lettering. Ideally, you make it so that you have an odd number of columns, that way you can set the first and last of the top row and then find the center one and space evenly from there.

2. Once I have it laid out roughly I stick a glue dot and measure out exactly the distance between each as I stick them. I stick the cards on very lightly until I have them all up and it looks good, that way I can tweak if needed!

3. Next, I work downwards how many rows I want and set the entire first column. Then I have half a frame set (the first row and the first column) as my guide points.

It’s just measuring and sticking the rest up from there!

You should set it so that the first column starts with “A”, goes all the way down, and then picks up at the top of the next column (as opposed to going left to right in a row).

Lost? Here are some examples…

Example Breakdown:

  • 120 guests = 10 columns x 12 rows
  • 130 guests = 13 columns x 10 rows
  • Pro Tip: Use blank cards as placeholders for uneven guest numbers to maintain symmetry. Credits: Signage by Cedar + Spice, Captured by Savannah Steiger.

Table Display – Rows

An evergreen choice, rows on an escort table offer elegance and beauty. It can be enhanced with strategic placements of floral arrangements or something unexpected, like dried citrus. Don’t forget to make it fun! But at the end of the day, it really is about function. 😉

Setting it Up: This approach mirrors the escort wall design but is forgiving; you can trust your instincts more than measurements. Instead of putting it on a wall, you put it in alphabetic order (by last name) on a table. You will see card tents often, or you can spice it up like our clients did below!

Photography: Ali Lockery Photography | Stationery: DIY from bride

Photography: Dave Stremikis

Table Display – Radiating

A circular table radiating name cards from a central floral arrangement is the epitome of classic wedding design.

How-To: It’s helpful to have an anchor point (usually in the middle of the table). Start close to the floral arrangement and work outwards. Ensure that names starting with “A” are front and center for easy access.


Who knew seating charts required such intricate detailing? While they might seem complex, with the right guidance, you’re set to impress. And if you ever need a hand, our team at Olive Branch Events Co. is just a click away! We will take care of all the setup and sourcing of stationery and signage for you, and better yet can come up with a knockout design that you’ll love!