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Elegant Northwoods Wedding Celebration at Tansy Hill Farms in Wausau, WI


Hannah + Garrott

Hannah and Garrott are such a sweet couple! From the beginning, their vision for their day was to have a fun-filled celebration. Thanks to the pandemic, H + G got married in a tiny microwedding outdoors with their closest family and friends, and pushed back their celebration to a year later.

Luckily, Hannah is quite the planner and took it all in stride. She took the extra planning time to hone in more on what she wanted their special day to look like and we were so honored to get to help design some of their day!

When their celebration finally came around on June 5, they were able to renew their vows on their anniversary with all their friends and family! Even though they had to push back a bigger celebration, it did not take away from the joy and emotion of their big day!

From the beginning, Hannah and Garrott shared that they wanted a wedding that had fun food (check out the pizza kiln and gelato!), dancing, games, and time outdoors. Their wedding day speaks for itself, but they truly accomplished that and we are swooning over Meghan Lee Harris‘ stunning photos.

We love how laid-back and elegant their wedding turned out, and their wedding perfectly reflected them and their love for the outdoors!

The Proposal (In Hannah’s Words)

The weekend of our proposal, we were having family up for the weekend just for a visit (or so Hannah thought).

Little did I know that Garrett had taken a half-day to prepare and that my sister and her boyfriend were already in town to help him. Garrett came home at his normal time and earlier in the week, we had planned to go on a hike before everyone had gotten there. So, we went to one of our favorite hiking spots; it is our favorite because when we first moved here we had an interesting experience trying to hike through flooded trails (I had to get on Garrett’s back as he took us through the woods and water). We laughed the entire time.

Back to the present, we go on our hike and as we are walking through the trails, some lady stops us and says “I wouldn’t get too close to the lake, there are people getting engaged down there.” This was odd and I was like “This is a public trail, I am not going to avoid the lake just for these people.”

Garrett handled it like a pro and just agreed with me and we wrote it off. We walked further and all of a sudden I saw it; purple flower petals covering the ground, tealights all around, lights around the trees, a white blanket laid out, and a champagne bottle and two glasses. I was thinking to myself that we must have missed the proposal and this was where that couple got engaged!

But then, Garrett turns around to me, says nothing, grabs my hand, and smiles. It was then that I was like…OMG, WE ARE THE COUPLE, IT IS ME, IT IS US, IT’S HAPPENING! He took me over to the spot, got down on one knee, made his speech, which we both do not remember, and asked the question!

SURPRISE! My sister and her boyfriend were hiding in the woods taking pictures and watching the whole thing! It was the BEST day ever and I will never forget the feelings from that day that we both felt.


Venue: Tansy Hill Farm

Planning and Design: Olive Branch Events Co.

Catering & Bar: Rockman’s Catering, Pizza Kiln

Dessert: Short N Sweet Cakery

Photography: Meghan Lee Harris

Florals: Greens Flower Farm

Hair and Makeup: Mai Chee Moua


Transportation: Lamers

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