A Dreamy Brodie Castle and Elgin Cathedral Destination Wedding

August 4, 2023

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Cat and Brandon’s Wedding at Brodie Castle and Elgin Cathedral

Seeking an intimate affair that would evoke romance and create lasting memories, this adventurous couple chose a destination wedding in Scotland with a guest count of 24.

We were thrilled to be a part of their unique vision, having previously orchestrated Catarina’s sister’s private residence wedding.

When considering a destination wedding, you may wonder how to possibly choose? For Cat and Brandon, their decision was rooted in Brandon’s family heritage.

Amidst Scotland’s storied castles, rolling hills, and timeless charm, they found their perfect setting to say “I do” at Brodie Castle and Elgin Cathedral.

A Memorable Welcome Dinner at Brodie Castle

The festivities commenced with a moody and romantic welcome dinner on Friday evening at the historic Brodie Castle. Against a backdrop of timeless architecture and captivating surroundings, guests enjoyed impeccable food, drink and service from Donnie MacLeod Catering.

With the help of Aye Do Rentals, C + B’s simple but breathtaking dinner was the perfect start to an amazing weekend.

A Special Ceremony at Elgin Cathedral

The following day, Brandon and Catarina exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony at the venerable ruins of Elgin Cathedral. An iconic landmark, it took literally zero decoration to host a ceremony at the Cathedral. It is simply gorgeous and the photos taken by Catarina’s cousin with Arevalo and Co. speak for themselves.

During planning, we actually ran into scaffolding interruptions at Elgin Cathedral and were nervous this would jeopardize the vision they had always wanted. I mean, who wants a gorgeous Cathedral and then a bunch of scaffolding in the background?

However, after a tour the day before, we scouted the perfect location and everything worked out swimmingly, as shown. 🙂

P.S. How stunning is Cat and her dress?!

How dreamy is this? Are you swooning or are you swooning?

Reception at Badenochs

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued at Badenochs in Elgin.

Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, Brandon and Catarina stayed behind at the Cathedral for newlywed photos as guests made the short walk downtown to their reception location at Badenoch’s.

Cat’s sister Brittany surprised her and each guest by arranging champagne when guests arrived. With such a small guest count with people who love you the most, it was an absolutely blast sharing toasts and karaoke with one another.

Here’s a fun glimpse of their their casual yet elevated reception menu:

  • Cheeseburgers
  • Korean Style Fried Chicken
  • Scampi Basket
  • Scottie Dogs
  • For dessert, guests had the choice of waffles, toffee pudding or cranachan (a traditional Scottish dessert with raspberries, oats, cream, and a touch of whiskey).

Scotland is known for its vibrant pub culture and a wide selection of whiskies, making it a popular destination for those who enjoy drinks and nightlife.

So it only made sense to end the night with some bar-hopping. 😉 Because, after all, when in Scotland you should do as the Scottish do.

Navigating the Unique Challenges of Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding from a distance presents its own set of unique challenges. However, through meticulous communication and the invaluable planning partners in Scotland and their referrals, we had to give over some trust while we searched for vendors to pull of their day while planning from afar.

From navigating currency exchange fees to figuring out how to get a wedding dress on the plane, to sourcing high-quality vendors without being physically present, our expertise and connections played a pivotal role in curating a truly exceptional celebration and alleviating a lot of the burden from Cat and Brandon’s both very busy schedules.

As the weekend concluded, Cat and Brandon stayed for an additional 2 weeks to enjoy and explore the Highlands mountain!

One perk to a destination wedding – you get to not only get married there but enjoy it as a honeymoon location, too!


Brandon and Catarina’s wedding in Scotland was definitely a wedding we will never forget and a bucket list item not only for us, but for the couple and their guests.

We are honored to have played a part in curating their extraordinary day, and we take pride in the unforgettable experience we crafted together.

This wedding truly reflected their love and spirit, and we are grateful to have been a part of their incredible story.

The Stellar Vendor Team

This extraordinary wedding would not have been possible without the remarkable contributions of our talented vendor partners! We highly recommend these vendors if you are navigating the vendor search for your Scotland destination wedding. 🙂

Planning: Olive Branch Events Co.
Photography: Arevalo & Co.
Videography: Pavilion Film & Photography
Florals: Floral Menagerie
Dress: Strike Bridal Bar (Milwaukee, WI)
Welcome Dinner Rentals: Aye Do Events
Welcome Dinner Venue: Brodie Castle
Welcome Dinner Catering: Donnie MacLeod Catering
Transportation: True Love Cars, DB Taxi
Ceremony Venue: Elgin Cathedral
Hair and Makeup: Andrea Maxwell MUA
Reception Dinner: Badenochs Bar