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Business Launch and Introduction


Brand-Introduction-Launch- Header

The olive branch is a classic symbol with deep-rooted significance.

It represents peace, enduring love, and the beginning of a new life.

I am so excited to officially be a business owner and share more about my brand!


Why the Olive Branch?

Olive branches have been used in weddings for centuries! The olive tree is strong, able to weather any storm that comes its way. It’s the perfect example of what a solid marriage can look like with some love, care and hard work.

If you’ve ever planned an event, you may know just how overwhelming and stressful it can be. It is my hope that by taking care of the details, my clients would be able to live more intentionally, love more fearlessly, and to do it with the people who matter most.


Additionally, the olive branch is meaningful to me personally because it’s mentioned in the Bible as an example of flourishing, beauty and steadfastness. My faith is what anchors me, so being able to tie that into this business is important to me as I hope to build my foundation on deeper roots.


The brand I was going for can be described as detailed, organic, elegant, timeless, approachable and heartfelt. I am so excited to share the brand identity with you! It’s so beautiful and I owe a HUGE thank you and hugs to the lovely Leah Postma for the design. She far exceeded my expectations and breathed some much needed life into the Olive Branch Events Co. brand.

See Leah’s beautiful work below!



Olive-Branch-Events-Co-Brand-Identity-Logo Olive-Branch-Events-Co-Brand-Identity-Elements


So tell me, what is your favorite thing about the brand? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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