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Bohemian Wedding with Pine Tree Ceremony at Burlap and Bells


Their Story

Like many couples, Tessa and Matt had to postpone their original wedding date due to COVID. Unlike most couples, they also had to face Matt’s third round of brain surgery and brain cancer in the midst of COVID. Their journey to their wedding was more difficult than most, but they were so patient and their wedding day was so worth the wait!

Despite them having to wait a year later to get married, they still drove the few hours to their venue and shared a picnic for two in 2020 and spent the day together. How sweet is that?

Married in the Pines

“Both of us spent most of our childhood’s outdoors. Exploring, camping, playing with neighborhood friends, catching animals; countless fond memories were formed among nature. After driving 3.5 hours up to tour our venue (Burlap & Bells), and seeing the tree grove ceremony space for the first time, I cried, and we knew it was the one for us. The natural feel is perfect for the most important day of our lives.  We want to stay focused on what is important to us and why we are getting married, and want the whole process and day to be fun and relaxed.  It is most important to us that we are surrounded by our loved ones, eating good food, and dancing the night away under the stars!”

The Details

There were a ton of small and amazing details throughout, from their slogan “All the Much” being incorporated into their wedding design and vows, a tattoo bar, their dog Scout, and the favors! For their unity ceremony they actually did a beer ceremony to reflect the two of them becoming one!

  • Matt chose Fat Tire as the beer that represented him. While the name is quite unfortunate, they chose this beer to represent Matt because it is easy going, well balanced, and has a gentle sweetness.
  • Tessa chose Summer Shandy as the beer that represented her. It is refreshing, just the right amount of bubbly, and a little tart, but also sweet.

They chose to do the spices for the favors because the groom has a knack for cooking really great food! P.S. Matt also happens to be an amazing wordsmith because we were all weeping during the ceremony when he said his vows to Tessa.

One of my favorite memories from their day was when Matt’s sister and Dad (who used to be an Elvis impersonator – and literally sounds just like him!) sang their first dance songs. Seriously, this day really was so emotional, personal, and thoughtful.

Their barefoot, boho woodland wedding was absolutely stunning, and even the downpour of rain couldn’t stop their guests (or me) from waiting in line at the food trucks for the food truck tacos and pizza!

Despite some hiccups, detours, and a vendor cancellation the day before their wedding day, their wedding day was absolutely perfect. We are so happy we were able to witness their marriage. Tessa and Matt, you are SO special and so deeply loved by many. We adore you and wish you many adventures from here!


Vendor Team
Photography: Molly Jo Collection

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