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With a deep passion for crafting meaningful experiences, we'll serve as your trusted advocates, supportive sounding boards, and voices of reason throughout the planning process.

If you're seeking a high-end planning experience that embraces genuine connections without any pretension, we're the perfect fit for you. We wholeheartedly embrace your unique vision and never impose our own agendas (well, except when it comes to the garter toss - that absolutely must go).

Let us make your wedding planning journey a joyous and unforgettable one!


Let's create a wedding celebration that is unabashedly and unapologetically YOU

Get our FREE wedding planning checklist resource and make your life soooo much easier. Wedding planning can be so overwhelming. From a wedding planner to you - this download has tasks categorized with general timeframes on when to get them done. Because we love nothing more than a good checklist!!

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