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5 Wedding Planner Misconceptions

October 25, 2023

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Planning a wedding is not easy. It’s stressful and expensive, but what if I told you that hiring a wedding planner can actually help tremendously in both of those areas and then some?

There are plenty of misconceptions about wedding planners but we’re here to set the record straight about what it’s like to work with a GOOD wedding planner. What a difference a planner will make in your entire wedding planning experience!

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1. If a reception venue has an on-site coordinator, that means you don’t need a wedding planner.

A venue coordinator and a wedding planner are two different roles that play a major part in your big day.

A few of the most common misconceptions about wedding planners are that you don’t need one if you’re using an on-site coordinator. Not to beat this point home, but it’s such a common thing we hear that I wrote an entire blog post about how venue coordinators and wedding planners are not and should not be the same.

A good wedding planner will help you with every aspect of your wedding day—from finding a venue to managing your budget, planning the whole day, and coordinating vendors. They’ll act as an advocate for you and make sure everything happens exactly how you want it. And of course, we’re there to fluff your dress, pin the boutonnieres, hold your mimosa, emotion and stress sponges and SO MUCH MORE.

2. Wedding planners are too expensive.

Okay, listen. I am biased, but I have been to plenty a wedding without a planner and I am just gonna tell you know – You can’t afford NOT to hire a planner. Don’t wait for things to hit the fan to convince you otherwise.

You don’t need a massive budget to hire a wedding planner. A good wedding planner will help you find the right vendors to complement your vision and budget.

The average starting price of a wedding planner in Madison and Milwaukee ranges from $1,800 – 3,000 for wedding management services. Of course, this can vary drastically depending on the planner, their experience, the value they offer and which level of service you want.

But to put it in perspective, let’s break this down for you:

As you contemplate your wedding vendors, remember that hiring a wedding planner isn’t an “unnecessary” expense; it’s a strategic INVESTMENT for a FUN, stress-free celebration.

A planner ensures that your special day unfolds just as you’ve dreamed it, without the hassle or the worry, or the major regrets that come from inexperience or rash purchases made in a moment of weakness (iykyk). 💸💸💸

Don’t believe me? Ahem. Lets break it down:

Average wedding management cost for a comprehensive service like wedding management in WI/MN is about $1,500-3,000 for a high-quality, experienced planner.

  • The new dress you bought bc you no longer like your original dress that doesn’t fit your vision + the old dress = $1800 + $300 in unplanned alterations = $2,100
  • Favors you didn’t need = $300
  • Late night, last-minute panic purchases = $250
  • Coffee runs to help you cope over a year of planning – “I’d like the $9 venti please” = $464

    It’s all in the math.

You’ve unwittingly spent an extra $3,114 trying to fill the gaps left by the absence of a wedding planner.

I have a solution: HIRE THE PLANNER.

Now, it needs to be said that your planner is also not a miracle worker. Will we work tirelessly to make sure your vision is executed well with personalized touches so it’s a memorable day? ABSOLUTELY. But we’re also your reality check: you can’t have filet mignon on a shoestring budget, but your planner will educate, guide, and help you navigate money, finances, etc. so that it’s tailored to what you can afford.

For not light reading on this subject, take a look at our wedding budget post.

3. Wedding planners dictate decisions

A good wedding planner will listen to what you want and find the right vendors to complement your vision and budget.

A good wedding planner will listen to what you want and find the right vendors to complement your vision and budget. A good wedding planner will also give their honest opinion if they don’t think a vendor is right for you. Most importantly, a good planner won’t try to pressure you into anything. They’ll just present options on how to make things happen, so that it’s up to YOU where you want things headed!

It’s important that your wedding planner is excited about doing this job, because otherwise there might not be much enthusiasm in getting things done for you! Don’t worry about finding someone who has been doing this for years – just look for someone who loves planning weddings, regardless of how long they’ve been doing it!

The best wedding planners have years of experience under their belts and know what works for different types of weddings. They approach each new client with an open mind, ready to execute your vision from start to finish.

4. “Wedding planners only plan big weddings.”

It’s easy to think that wedding planners only plan big weddings, but this is not true. Wedding planners are useful for weddings of any size, whether it’s you and your family only, a small ceremony, or a reception al fresco with 50 people or less.

What about a destination wedding? Any gathering can be just as stressful as a big one, and requires a lot of logistics and thoughtfulness. Destination weddings tend to be smaller in guest count but double the work of a local wedding due to the back and forth, vetting vendors, and of course, managing the travel and accommodations. However, destination weddings also allow you to and your guests to have the fullest and most memorable experience.

Some of our absolute favorite memories and weddings have been small and intimate. Sometimes, smaller weddings have even more logistics because they take place at unconventional venues and have more details. However, one thing smaller weddings do have in common – they can allow you to personalize your wedding and further maximize your budget, and a planner will guide you in how to best do that!

5. “A wedding planner is a day-of coordinator”

I think we wedding planners are absolutely to blame for this term. It’s super misleading. Let’s start calling the minimum of what we do “Wedding Management”. A wedding involves weeks, if not months, of preparation. By focusing solely on the “day-of,” it implies that all the work magically happens in a single 24-hour period. In reality, a wedding planner’s duties begin well before the wedding day. They work with you in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly on the actual day.

It’s not just jargon. Wedding management isn’t just about handling issues as they arise on the wedding day; it’s about preventing issues in the first place. A good wedding manager will meticulously plan, coordinate, and troubleshoot throughout the entire planning process. They anticipate potential challenges and work to avoid them.

In essence, “wedding management” accurately conveys the holistic, proactive, and comprehensive nature of the services provided by professionals in the industry. It’s about managing all the intricacies that lead up to and culminate in a beautiful, stress-free wedding day.


Wedding planners are more than just vendors; they’re your partner in wedding planning, helping you find the best vendors for your vision and budget. A good wedding planner will listen to what you want and find the right vendors to complement your vision and budget. They’ll also be there on your big day to make sure everything goes smoothly—no matter what type of wedding it is!

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