5 Mistakes You’re Making in Wedding Planning – Tips from a Wisconsin and Minnesota Wedding Planner

February 17, 2023

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As wedding planners who’ve planned over 100+ weddings in Wisconsin and Minnesota, we’re here to provide some insight on common mistakes we see couples make and how to avoid them.

We originally shared this on Instagram and got such a great response, so thought we’d also put it on the blog! Wedding planning is A LOT, we know, and there are many ways to go about it. However, there is definitely room for error without professional help, and we want to help couples navigate the planning process with these tips. Don’t make these 5 mistakes!

1. Booking Your Vendors without Creating Your Budget

This is a classic case of expectations vs. reality. Budget is everything! Prioritize and create a realistic budget for your guest count. We have a whole money series with a budget sample breakdown on our blog if you’re feeling stuck here!

2. Forgetting About Your Guest Experience

Yes, it’s your wedding, but don’t forget about the guest experience! Things like long gaps between the ceremony and reception, a cocktail hour that never ends, no flow or structure to the day, long distances between your venues, etc. can make or break your wedding. If your venue is tricky to get to, add in a directions card to your invitation or website so guests can find it easier. Walk through your wedding from a guest’s perspective to ensure they are having a great experience – as you would want if you were invited! This doesn’t need to be fancy or overcomplicated. Make it a wedding to remember because of the thoughtfulness you put into it. P.S. It’s always wise to splurge on good food/drinks and entertainment.

3. Thinking You Need to Do Everything By the Book

We are in the era of “do whatever you want” and I’m super jealous (needed this 8 years ago). Your day should be centered around you and your spouse and the things you love most. If there are traditions that don’t match up with your values, BYEEE. The point is to make your wedding day authentic to you. If you don’t like cake then do donuts instead! You don’t need to do favors. Elope on a mountain with your dogs! PERMISSION GRANTED. However, we also know this can be REALLY hard. It’s so easy to offend someone unintentionally, so have gracious conversations and stay open-minded if you do need to compromise on some things. Hint: Whoever is contributing to your budget has a lot of power!

4. Not Setting Aside Time For You and Your Spouse

This one is so important and the saddest, in our opinion! Between saying hi to guests, and being surrounded by friends and family, it can be hard to get a moment alone with your new spouse. Schedule time before the ceremony or during cocktail hour to sneak away and enjoy one another. Your planner will make sure you have downtime too.

5. Thinking Everything Needs to Be Perfect

Reality is, every wedding comes with bumps in the road even if perfectly planned. Sometimes those bumps turn into the best stories. Make sure you have a trusted planner on your team that can handle issues if they arise. Celebrate your marriage, let loose a little (or a lot), and enjoy!

And release the pressure, because yes, this is one of the best days, but not the only best day of your life. There will be many more best days to come in marriage. 🙂