Timelines are an absolute wedding planner MUST. It's a non-negotiable for staying organized! EVERY wedding needs one. This timeline template is a lot more than just a timeline - it's your full weekend playbook that will keep you on track for those hectic wedding days. 

Includes everything you need to make sure that you have all boxes checked:
- Vendor Contact Sheet
- Rehearsal Timeline
- Wedding Day Timeline (pre-filled for First Look)
- Setup details and setup cues (for you and your team)
- Wedding Notes Section for pertinent information, diagrams, etc.

Of course, it's fully customizable so you can add and take anything off that is not necessary for the wedding. This template will save you TONS of time (read: hundreds of hours) and present you as the true professional you are! 

If you are not a wedding planner, but a couple looking for some help, this would still be a great resource for you if you need a master document to house all of your wedding details.

PLEASE NOTE: This works best in Google Docs. Although it can be transferred to another program, like Microsoft Word, the formatting is meant for Google Drive. We also suggest Google Docs for easy sharing and collaboration with vendors and the couple.

BONUS: Final vendor email included (sent to all vendors about 2 weeks before the wedding)

Please note: All sales are final and non-refundable.



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