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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding takes time, effort, compromise, creativity, and flexibility. For some, their wedding vision is simple and casual, and for others, they want a highly-detailed, huge celebration that will impress. That is the beauty of the wedding planning industry! No two weddings are the same. Being a wedding planner means we get the privilege of not only helping our couples envision their big day but also make it a reality!

While writing this post, we are also mid-pandemic. We are biased, but more than ever we feel like now’s the time to bring on some extra help with the constantly changing plans and unknowns of the wedding industry for the foreseeable future.

The planning process can look different for everyone, but if you choose to hire a planner, we will have a streamlined process (remember, we’ve done this quite a few times) to take the guesswork out of planning. If you are thinking, “But I am organized, have the perfect resources to plan (like you know, downloading the 5,000 free templates I can find online ;)), I know what I want, I do not need a planner,” that’s wonderful! It is a great that planning is fun, and that you get to be so hands-on and involved! But if you are are trying to determine if you should hire a wedding planner, here are some things to consider.

1. Someone has to be in charge of your wedding day

Will you want to be the point of contact for issues that arise? Here are some real-life scenarios we’ve experienced as planners and have been able to manage for our couples:

  • Power outage at venue goes while all 200 of your wedding guests are on their way to the reception
  • Florist is running late and needs extra hands to get all the flowers set
  • Setting up the chairs is something the venue didn’t communicate and you did not think of that detail when you negotiated the contract
  • Your wedding reception venue went bankrupt with no notice and left you high and dry

Now imagine this: You wake up, get ready with your girls and enjoy your coffee and mimosa and to feel beautiful and enjoy the time with your bridesmaids. And you deserve to soak in the time with your new husband and to fully enjoy the day.

Most planners have a wedding management package that ensures you will not lift a finger on your wedding day. In fact, most planners start way before that, at the 30-60 day mark to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, finalizing all of the details with your vendors and also helping you think through scenarios and situations you may not have otherwise thought of. When you hire a planner, all you will have to worry about is if the second piece of cake is worth it (trust me, it for sure is)! 

2. The investment is worth it – beyond money

Of course, we need to talk about money. Now, we all know that a planner is also an investment, just like any other vendor, but you’d be surprised how much having a planner could also allow you to have some wiggle room in your budget all while saving your sanity. For example, for one of our past brides, we were able to secure a completely FREE venue with tables and chairs included. Yes, you read that right! With our knowledge and relationships with local vendors, we may be able to score you an amazing deal. With understand how real wedding budgets work, we help you avoid any money surprises (which is a common thing we hear from couples) and we will also help you actually stick to that budget of yours!

3. You deserve a memorable and joy-filled day

At Olive Branch Events Co. we want you to remember how fun the celebration was, not all of the stress and all the things you had to do instead of celebrating. So whether you are the most organized bride, or have a family member who is, that does not mean you can’t still benefit from a wedding planner who will be there to put together all your hard work. After all, it’s your big day, enjoy it!

Here are some kind words from a fellow wedding planner whose gorgeous wedding we got the honor to coordinate:

“As a wedding planner myself, entrusting another person to assist the day of my wedding was a major decision. I had worked with Deanna before she opened her business and knew I could trust her with my big day! She was thoughtful in her planning and was 100% committed to my day while also in the midst of the busyness that is wedding season. Deanna exceeded my expectations and I received several compliments from family and friends of how nice she was! Thanks Deanna for being such a good listener and for executing our event so seamlessly!”